This workshop brings to life one of the most impactful yoga practices today, one that is accessible to everyone, Yin! We dive deeply into what it means to hold space as a Yin teacher and how we can apply our own personal experiences to aid others in their own Yin Journey. Develop your practice and learn to create a powerful and moving experience for the students by guiding them toward deeper levels of self. In this workshop, we go over the mindset theory, background, and anatomy of Yin yoga. A large component of this approach to Yin is the body awareness centered around Tantric and Taoist philosophies. The second part of this workshop will be a full Yin experience which includes a meditation over our Chakra system, and a nourishing 75 Minute Yin practice. Discover "progressive yin" that hones your edge of awareness and focuses on the target areas of the lower body along with the associated physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Jeff is just lovely. I was blessed to happen upon Jeff while he was in Ireland teaching yoga. Having reached out we organised to do Yin, which I never tried but was curious about. To say the practice was life changing would be an understatement. Jeff’s way of teaching is gentle, supportive and fun, so much so I took another private lesson with him before he left. His calm, confident approach reassured me and helped with holding those more challenging Yin poses to the end. I continue to practice Yin and am thankful that Jeff was the catalyst for this. If you see Jeff passing through on his travels be sure to reach out and take a class with him. Much love
— Jules, Yin Hofer Dublin Ireland