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Information is there. It’s sitting on our bookshelf, it is a few keystrokes away on our laptop or mobile phone. But, how often do you link your knowledge of anatomy with personal experience? In this carefully crafted anatomy workshop we will create and play with a functional approach to the subject of anatomy. What does it mean to breath correctly, how does it FEEL, how can you lead or empower someone else’s experience of this? What does it mean anatomically to get grounded or energized? This is an exploratory approach to your human systems and how different practices allow us to experience our human vessel. You are your best teacher when you lead from experience and that is what this workshop is all about. During our time we will practice asana, hands on assisting, and the opportunity to actually experience anatomy as an art instead of information you left sitting on your bookshelf.

Had the best week immersed in yin teacher training with Jeff this past week. Knowledgeable, kind, supportive, he will bring out the best in you. And just teaches the best yin!
— Juliette, Dublin