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If not now, when?


280 lbs / 125 kg Stuck, frustrated, and living a life not suited for me and a victim of many unconscious patterns and behaviours keeping me there. This is a state of DISEASE.


Physically, mentally, and spiritually fit. The definition of wellness. I live the life I have designed. I am in touch with my human experience, my impact, and my mission. I fully embrace life and all the beautiful opportunities it offers me to grow.

When Jeff speaks, you want to listen: it’s on your level, your wavelength, which requires patience, empathy and care. His choice of words were very deliberate and purposeful. Understanding his instructions and explanations was very simple - he struck the perfect balance.

He also listens extremely well to what you have to say (the sessions are not one sided) - you get a real sense of care from him. Overall, Jeff is an excellent facilitator because he actively listens to you, he is an excellent communicator and he genuinely cares.
— Wayne Chan, London

Working with me you will learn to create and shape your most meaningful life. Discover what is most important for your health and wellbeing and effectively take action. Let’s get started.

  • Experience the best health of your life.

  • Rediscover your inner child. Life is a dance, we will make this fun together.

  • Feel expansive in your life and a sense of ease and comfort

  • Communicate even more effectively and greatly improve your relationships, most importantly your relationship with yourself.

  • Discover a profound sense of personal freedom

  • Gain new and meaningful perspectives in all areas of your life.

  • Create effective strategies and practices that serve your best life.

In one short weekend Jeff helped me to find the confidence I needed to get my morning routine back. I am excited to learn more from him!

— Kat Robinson, Canada

Change Your Habits - Create Your Life

If you are hungry for transformation NOW. If you know you deserve BETTER, I am here to serve.

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Knowledgeable, kind, supportive, he will bring out the best in you. 
— Juliette, Dublin