Plants are medicine and sharing the wisdom of our plant teachers is a deep passion of mine! The ancient Mesoamerican cultures understood and held deeply intimate relationships with the earth and the plants she bares.

The Cacao plant, in Shamanic tradition, is used as a power plant to open our heart to experience love and our emotions in an unprecedented depth. I have had some really profound experiences working with Mother Cacao (as my teacher calls it!), and have had the special privilege to share with others as well.

The power and beauty of a Cacao Ceremony comes in large part from the intention setting and class connection and the willingness of the seeker to join Mother Cacao in a deep personal journey. We open the space by honoring the directions and ask permission to go on a profound journey. There will be a brief discussion on the background and practice of using Cacao as a heart opener, intention setting, music, singing, and meditation.

I most frequently source our cacao directly from my teacher, who knows and works with the Ecuadorian farmers who grow our Cacao! Duration depends on number of participants. 

Jeff’s cacao ceremony was first one of a kind as an experience for me. Even though I was upset and feeling gloomy before the ceremony, the atmosphere reminded me of the Love that unites us and is always with us. His presence and compassion accompanied with heart-opening cacao got me high. The experience was important for me, thank you Jeff!
— Kirsi-Maaria, Finland