I experienced the mystical powers of Ayurveda first hand whilst traveling and training in India. I have put together a workshop to generate curiosity about the traditional and holistic practice. Beginning with understanding the roots and intentions (BALANCE) of Ayurveda, we will explore and experience the incredible empowerment that comes from genuine self knowledge and the empathy that stems from that. I believe that developing awareness to our patterns and predispositions empowers us to dissolve our self-judgment and judgment of others. Together we will begin to cultivate deeper awareness of our inner voice and begin to foster that space which allows us to respond with poise (rather than react) to all aspects of our life, both things we can and cannot control. During this workshop you will discover your unique doshic constitution, connect with your fellow yogis, and using the knowledge you gained about yourself and the Ayurvedic lifestyle you will create your very own Ayurvedic inspired morning ritual!

I am blown away by Jeff’s ability to hold space. He begins by letting you know what to expect from the session & teaches you about the practice itself. Throughout your session Jeff will share his wisdom. He weaves his philosophical & yogic knowledge into each class. I’ve left each session feeling at peace & safe.

Jeff is an outstanding teacher & I cannot recommend his classes more.”
— Jenna Johnson, The Exploring Yogini